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How to Find The Healthiest Lactose Free Milk Brand

Have you ever wondered, which milk brand is the healthiest? Since milk is at the center of nearly everything we eat and drink.

We cook with it, we pour it on our cereal, and we put it in our smoothies. We simply love milk and want to continue including it in our family food traditions.

If you lactose intolerant and are reading this, you can drink lactose free milk. These milks remove the lactose part by lowering the lactose amount or removing it completely.

Fortunately for us, there are a variety of lactose-free milk products available. Today let’s go on a journey, become milk connoisseurs, and indulge in a little creamy goodness. We’ll count down to the very best and healthiest milk brand available.

Health Factors

Before we take a look at which milk brand is the healthiest, let’s consider some important health factors. Not all milk is created equal. Milk products can vary greatly in their manufacturing process.

Some brands incorporate better ingredients than others.

Organic vs. Conventional – Organic farmers are held to a higher standard of manufacture compared to conventional dairy farmers. They are not allowed to use genetically modified food additives and ingredients (GMOs). They do not administer antibiotics or add synthetic hormones like rBST to their cattle.

Grass-Fed – This standard requires farmers to give their milk cows access to fresh pasture grass, which is their normal diet in nature. Conventional dairy farmers often use chemically-laden grain feed.

For this reason, organically fostered, grass-fed, and pasture-raised livestock are the gold standard in the industry.

Vitamin D Fortification – Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that is vital to human health. It acts as a hormone and has a system-wide effect upon the body.

Of the myriad benefits of vitamin D, boosting immunity, creating strong bones, and improving mood, are some of the most crucial.

With our modern sedentary lifestyle and our tendency to reside inside much of the day, nearly everyone needs a little more vitamin D.

Sugar – Milk naturally contains a sugar called lactose. In lactose-free milk, an enzyme called lactase is introduced. Lactase breaks down lactose into two easily digestible sugar molecules called glucose and galactose.

Even in these natural forms, too much sugar can be unhealthy. It is important to choose a milk with the lowest amount of sugar possible.

Which Milk Brand Is The Healthiest?

It’s the final countdown! Which milk will be the healthiest milk brand? Let’s compare the raw data, shall we?

For the sake of continuity, only whole milk brands are compared in this list. The percent daily value is listed (DV). Availability may vary in your area.

7th Place – Walmart Brand Great Value (GV) Lactose-Free Whole Milk

Walmart provides a great-tasting milk that is sweet and creamy. It is affordable, nutritious, and fortified with vitamin D. GV farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones like rBST.

Great Value Nutrients Are Based Upon a One Cup Serving (240ml)

Calories: 160

Fat: 8g, 10%DV

Cholesterol: 35mg, 12%DV

Sugar: 12g

Protein: 8g

Vitamin D: 2.5mcg, 15%DV

Calcium: 300mg, 25%DV

Iron: 0.1mg, 0%DV

Potassium: 400mg, 8%DV

6th Place – Exclusively at Whole Foods: Clover Brand Lactose-Free Whole Milk

Coming in at 6th place, this milk has added vitamin D3 and boasts being non-GMO.

Clover Nutrients Are Based Upon a One Cup Serving (240ml)

Calories: 150

Fat: 8g, 10%DV

Cholesterol: 35mg, 11%DV

Sodium: 130mg, 6%DV

Sugar: 12g

Protein: 8g, 17%DV

Vitamin D: 2.5mcg, 15%DV

Calcium: 310mg, 25%DV

Iron: 0mg, 0%DV

Potassium: 410mg, 10%DV

5th Place – Lactaid Lactose-Free Milk

This popular milk brand is a great source of protein, calcium, and vitamins. Some people describe this milk as a little sweet and sometimes expensive.

It has positive reviews on with 4.8 stars out of 5. You can buy it here.

Lactaid Nutrients Are Based Upon a One Cup Serving (240ml):

Calories: 160

Fat: 8g, 10%DV

Cholesterol: 35mg, 11%DV

Protein: 8g

Sugar: 12g

Sodium: 125mg, 5%DV

Vitamin D3: 2.5mcg, 15%DV

Calcium: 380mg, 30%DV

Iron: 0.1mg, 0%DV

Vitamin A (Palmitate): 90mcg, 10%DV

B12: 0.8mcg, 35%DV

Phosphorus: 230mg, 20%DV

4th Place – Anderson Erickson’s Dairy Lactose-Free Whole Milk

AE is the only milk brand fortified with probiotics. All AE Milk products are gluten-free. Additionally, they have no added hormones, antibiotics, or pesticide residues.

AE Nutrients Are Based Upon a One Cup Serving (240ml):

Calories: 150

Fat: 8g, 10%DV

Cholesterol: 25mg, 8%DV

Sodium: 105mg, 5%DV

Sugar: 12g

Protein: 8g, 16%DV

Vitamin D: 4mcg, 20%DV

Calcium: 280mg, 20%DV

Iron: 0mg, 0%DV

Potassium: 320mg, 16%DV

Probiotics: Acidolphilus & Bifidum Cultures Added

3rd Place – Fairlife Lactose-Free Milk

Fairlife is a filtered milk with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than its competitors. It is an excellent option for people wanting to add more protein to their diets and cut out the carbs! For this reason, we deem it one of the healthiest milk brands on the market.

As an added bonus, it has no artificial growth hormones. This milk has very positive reviews on Amazon, with 4.8 stars out of 5. It is praised as “impressive,” “surprising,” and the “best milk on the market, bar none.” It is described as having a rich, full-bodied taste that is addictive.

Reviewers also express how they are relieved that it is so low in sugar. Fairlife comes in at 3rd place. Though it is not organic, it has the lowest sugar count compared to all the available lactose-free brands on the market!

Fairlife Nutrients Are Based Upon a One Cup Serving (240ml):

Calories: 150

Fat: 8g

Cholesterol: 30mg

Protein: 13g

Sugar: 6g

Vitamin D3: 25%DV

Calcium: 380mg, 30%DV

Iron: 0mg

Vitamin A (Palmitate): 15%

2nd Place – Horizon Organic Lactose-Free, Fat-Free Milk

This product is organic and non-GMO. Buyers say it tastes just like regular milk, and it is their preferred brand if they can find it. It seems that this product may be hard to find and/or sells out quickly.

This product has a five-star rating on and Horizon Organic comes in close at second place. It has both vitamin D and B12, both of which are vital nutrients.

Horizon Organic Nutrients Are Based Upon a One Cup Serving (240ml):

Calories: 160

Fat: 8g, 10%DV

Cholesterol: 35mg, 12%DV

Protein: 8g

Sugar: 12g

Sodium: 135mg, 6%DV

Vitamin D: 2.5mcg, 15%DV

Calcium: 300mg, 25%DV

Iron: 0mg, 0%DV

Potassium 410mg, 8%

Vitamin A: 90mcg, 10%DV

Riboflavin 0.4mg, 30% DV

Vitamin B12: 1.2mcg, 50%

Phosphorus: 250mg, 20%

1st Place – Organic Valley Lactose-Free Grass Fed Milk

It tastes the most like real milk and is one of the healthiest milk brands available. It may taste a little sweeter than regular milk but boasts of being organic AND grass-fed. Also, it’s non-GMO.

Farmers never use antibiotics, they don’t add hormones, and they use pesticide-free pastures. This milk has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon. Organic Valley comes in at first place for a high vitamin D count, a lower sugar status than other brands, and coming from grass-fed happy cows, it’s clearly the best.

Organic Valley Nutrients Are Based Upon a One Cup Serving (240ml):

Calories: 150

Fat: 5g, 25%DV

Cholesterol: 30mg, 10%DV

Protein: 8g

Sugar: 11g

Sodium: 120mg, 5%DV

Vitamin D3: 15%DV

Calcium: 20%DV

Iron: 0%DV

Vitamin A: 8%DV


Finding the healthiest milk brand for your family is now easier than ever. There are so many brands on the market, and new ones are being added all the time.

The next time you go to the dairy aisle to buy milk for your family, take this list with you. Even better, download our wonderful app, where you will find a plethora of helpful shopping aids.

Our app will make choosing the best lactose-free dairy products effortless. After all, doesn’t your family deserve the best?!

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