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Does Ben And Jerry’s Have Lactose Free Ice Cream?

Does Ben And Jerry's Have Dairy Free Ice Cream For Lactose Intolerant People?

Does Ben and Jerry’s have dairy free ice cream for lactose intolerant people?

Ice Cream doesn’t typically like lactose-intolerant people.

With this logic, we shouldn’t be writing an article about Ben and Jerry’s on a blog for lactose-intolerant people, but here we are.

So, why are we writing about Ben and Jerry’s?

It turns out, the Ben and Jerry’s churns out a ton of lactose free ice cream options.

So if you are lactose intolerant, rejoice!

All dairy-free flavors contain either almond milk or sunflower butter as a substitute.

Ben & Jerry’s has non-dairy versions of some of their lactose-laden original flavors and some unique concoctions. Even better is that all lactose-free ice cream made by Ben & Jerry’s are non-GMO, Fairtrade Certified, and Certified Vegan.

Are you interested in learning more about these products?

Let’s take a look at each of Ben and Jerry’s 19 non-dairy flavors!

Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy, Vegan Ice Creams

New Dairy-Free Flavors

Americone Dream

This alternative is the dairy-free version of Late Show host Stephen Colbert’s wildly popular Americone Dream flavor. It has fudge-covered waffle cones and caramel swirls that’ll make you scream for more ice cream. Proceeds from this dreamy treat support the Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund.

Karamel Sutra Core

Live out your wildest caramel and chocolate chip dreams with this decadent non-dairy flavor. Inside, you’ll find a delicious soft caramel core surrounded by chocolate chip and caramel-swirled ice cream. It’s the perfect ice cream to dig right into the pint and eat everything!

Phish Food

No, this isn’t the stuff that you sprinkle into your goldfish tank. Instead, it’s delicious chocolate ice cream mixed with marshmallow swirls, fudge “fish,” and caramel. The flavor is a collaboration between Ben & Jerry’s and popular Vermont band Phish to support the Waterwheel Foundation.

The Tonight Dough

Ben & Jerry’s sure knows how to make friends with late-night show hosts, and the Tonight Dough is another example of that. This delicious flavor inspired by The Tonight Show’s host Jimmy Fallon mixes chocolate swirls, chocolate chip cookie dough, and peanut butter cookie dough.

Colin Kaepernick’s Change the Whirled

If you like cookies and caramel and want to change the world, try this tasty collaboration with racial justice activist Colin Kaepernick and the Know Your Rights Camp. This creamy concoction has fudge chips, chocolate cookie swirls, and graham cracker swirls.

Flavors Made With Sunflower Butter

Crème Brulee Cookie

You can up your cookies and cream game with Crème Brulee Cookie. This dairy-free version of the original flavor combines salted caramel swirls with browns sugar cookies to make an addicting treat. You won’t be able to put it down once you start.

“Milk” and Cookies

Milk and cookies are Santa’s favorite treat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them too! There’s a lot packed into one pint of this tasty ice cream, including vanilla ice cream, chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate cookie swirls.

Mint Chocolate Cookie

Mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream lovers will thoroughly enjoy Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie flavor. It combines mint ice cream with super tasty chocolate sandwich cookies to create a mouthwatering fusion. You’ll wonder where this flavor has been your whole life!  

Almond Milk Ice Cream

Caramel Almond Brittle

Almond lovers rejoice. This tasty non-dairy flavor has plenty of almond flavor packed into it. The base is almond milk, and the delicious fillings include salted caramel swirls and chunks of almond brittle. It’s enough to satisfy any almond lover’s fiercest almond cravings!

Cherry Garcia

Cherry Garcia is one of Ben and Jerry’s most famous cow’s milk ice cream flavors. However, lactose-intolerant people don’t have to miss out because there is an almond milk-based version! This fruity ice cream is jam-packed with cherries and fudge flakes.

Chocolate Caramel Cluster

The Chocolate Caramel Cluster flavor is like a treasure hunt in an ice cream carton. Dig around in the chocolate ice cream, and you’ll find peanuts, salted caramel swirls, and fudge chunks mixed inside. This delightful flavor is delicious and lactose-free!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Ben and Jerry’s has a non-dairy version of this classic favorite flavor. Cookie dough lovers won’t be disappointed by this ice cream. Inside the carton, you’ll find no shortage of chocolate chip cookie dough chunks and fudge flakes mixed in with tasty vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

It’s hard to stuff more chocolatey goodness into one ice cream carton than this Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavor. This treat combines chocolate almond milk-based ice cream with decadent brownies sourced from Greyston Bakery in New York. Brownie proceeds provide jobs and training to low-income residents.

Chocolate Salted’ n Swirled

Chocolate and caramel are a match made in heaven, and they sure do taste divine in this Ben & Jerry’s flavor. You’ll find exquisite chocolate ice cream blended with salted caramel swirls and chocolate sandwich cookies in this delicious treat.  

Coconut Seven Layer Bar

You’ll find yourself in seventh heaven with this Coconut Seven Layer Bar flavor. The coconut flavor ice cream has fudge chunks, graham cracker swirls, walnuts, and caramel mixed into it. All of these different flavors combine to create a flavor explosion in your mouth.

Coffee Caramel Fudge

If you love a good coffee ice cream but can’t eat it because of the lactose-content, Ben & Jerry’s has solved that for you. You’ll love this yummy treat that combines Fairtrade coffee ice cream, hunky fudge chunks, and caramel swirls.

Netflix and Chill’d

You won’t encounter a better pairing than a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a good Netflix movie or show. This mouthwatering collaboration has peanut butter ice cream, sweet and savory pretzel swirls, and fudgy brownies that will make your night better.

P.B. & Cookies

Peanut butter and cookies and cream lovers don’t have to choose between the two. Ben and Jerry’s made a tasty treat that combines both into one yummy flavor. It contains vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookie sandwiches, and crunchy peanut butter swirls.

Peanut Butter Half Baked

Peanut butter, chocolate, and cookie dough are classic ice cream flavors. What is a little more unusual is combining all three together. Ben and Jerry’s did just that, mixing chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, fudge brownies, and peanut butter cookie dough.


You don’t need to skip the ice cream aisle anymore if you’re lactose-intolerant. Ben and Jerry’s has nineteen scrumptious lactose-free ice cream flavors to satisfy any craving. Not only are they lactose-free, but they are dairy-free and vegan, making them suitable for people with dairy allergies and vegans.

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