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Milk Substitutions for Kids

We all know kids love milk especially with cookies. Below are some of the substitutions I’ve used and loved for milk.

Fairlife Milk

This is my favorite and go to milk. I usually use the whole milk one, the red one. And if I can’t get that one I’ll buy the 2% reduced fat, the blue one. I find this is pretty much a one-to-one comparison to real milk. You can substitute it directly for most things.

Silk Soy Milk

I don’t really use this anymore because of Fairlife but this was my old go to milk. It tastes different than regular milk but it’ll give you the feel of milk. I usually bought the vanilla flavor. So explore find the one you like.

Pro Tip: Silk Soymilk Chocolate Milk is awesome! It doesn’t matter if you are lactose intolerant or not. You want this. Your kids want this.

Lactaid Milk

If your lactose intolerance isn’t that bad this will work for you. Lactaid milk is regular milk enriched with lactase, for easy digestion. This doesn’t work for me since my LI is really bad.

If you have any substitutions you use let me know. I’m happy to add more. ? Contact me anytime.