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19 Dairy Free Breakfast Casserole Recipes + Hash Browns

When you wake up in the morning it is nice to be able to go to the fridge and pull out a pre-made casserole that is ready to dig into. You can prepare wholesome breakfast meals for the family that will last most of the week. Below we have outlined 19 of the most delicious dairy free breakfast casseroles and hash browns we could find.

Dairy Free Breakfast Casserole and Hash Browns Recipes

Vegetarian Breakfast Casserole Recipes (dairy free)

In our everyday busy lifestyles, getting an ample amount of vegetables can be a challenge. With these sumptuous dairy-free (DF) breakfast ideas you can be assured that your family is getting the nutrients and recommended amount of veggie servings they need. In this list, some recipes happen to also be vegetarian (VTG), vegan (VGN), and/or gluten-free (GF), and will be marked as such.

1. Eggplant Casserole (DF/GF/VTN) – This recipe also features black beans, potatoes, and corn finished with flavorful chili powder.

2. Broccoli Egg Bake (DF) – Loaded with zucchini, onion, parsley, and broccoli. This dish is sure to give you a generous helping of veggies. Double the recipe for a larger casserole.

3. Herbed Veggie Casserole (DF) – A delicious medley of fresh veggies make this casserole a morning treat. It is full of savory mushrooms, cilantro, caramelized onions, and peppers.

Chicken Breakfast Casseroles (dairy free)

Low in fat and high in nutrients, chicken is a good protein choice for breakfast. Chicken is a smart way to build healthier bones and muscles. It can be a substitute for red meat and tends to be lower in fat. Dark chicken meat is an excellent source of iron too.

4. Chicken Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash Breakfast Casserole (DF/GF) – This recipe is a great dairy free breakfast casserole with using hash browns for the crust.

Fish Breakfast Casseroles (dairy free)

Fish is full of brain-boosting nutrients and is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. It also serves as a food source of vitamin D. Fish is heart-healthy too and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. Tuna Mushroom Egg Bake (DF) – Full of fetching veggies, protein, and good fats, this dish is a nice addition to any breakfast meal.

Beef Breakfast Casseroles (dairy free)

Beef is a substantial source of L-Carnitine which may contribute to maintaining a healthy weight. Beef also contains glutathione, an antioxidant that helps with immunity, a youthful appearance, and lowers the risk of chronic disease.

6. Shepherd’s Pie with a Twist (DF/GF) – The ultimate comfort food for any time of the day. Instead of traditional white potato, this recipe uses sweet potato.

7. Ground Beef & Spinach Casserole (DF) – This is an easy to prep meal for busy families. You can portion out cuts into easy to grab containers for breakfast on the go. Great source of protein and veggies.

8. Mexican Breakfast Casserole (DF/GF) – This make-ahead dish is a helpful time saver. Even during busy weekdays, your family can enjoy a nutritious breakfast.

Pork Breakfast Casseroles (dairy free)

The other white meat is a quality addition to your breakfast routine. Pork is low in sodium and is an abundant source of potassium. These two ingredients together can contribute to improved blood pressure.

9. Sausage & Egg Breakfast Casserole (DF) – This recipe has a generous array of veggies like zucchini, bell pepper, and spinach. It is rich and flavorful with added coconut cream.

10. Loaded Bacon Casserole (DF/GF) – This dairy free breakfast casserole is loaded with veggies and hash browns. It is sure to be a family hit.

Cheesy Breakfast Casserole Recipes (Lactose Free, but not Dairy Free)

For those of you who want to incorporate lactose-free (LF) cheese into your diet, these delicious recipes are sure to get your taste buds excited. Aged cheeses contain very little lactose. In fact, the older the cheese, the less lactose there will be. Low lactose cheeses can often be tolerated by people with lactose intolerance, depending upon their sensitivity. Use cheese brands you have already tested and will tolerate well.

11. Mexican Lasagna Cheese Casserole with Bacon (LF/GF) – If you can tolerate low lactose cheese like Cheddar or Provolone, this is an appetizing recipe to incorporate into your family breakfast tradition. For this recipe, you will need to substitute with 2 cups of lactose-free milk. This recipe contains gluten, meat, and low lactose dairy (with substitution).

12. Low-carb Italian Sausage Casserole with Pine Nuts (LF/GF) – This recipe contains Parmesan cheese, a low-lactose cheese.

13. Breakfast Casserole Cups – These are handy grab and go morning treats for those who want to save time and have a portable meal. In the link, you will find a variety of recipe variations. Most are dairy-free. Some may include low lactose cheeses.

Breakfast Hash Browns (mostly dairy free)

You can pair the above dairy-free breakfast casseroles with hash browns. Below are an array of tantalizing hash brown recipes that are sure to be breakfast winners.

14. Classic Hash Browns (DF/GF/VGN) – These traditional hash browns are a treat to enjoy on their own or combine with a breakfast bowl.

15. Corn Beef Hash – Such a convenient recipe to use for an easily prepared and delicious breakfast. You can make fresh corned beef or repurpose leftovers from dinner the night before. You can make big batches to last you the week or even to put them into the freezer to last the month. This recipe will require a butter substitution. You can use this coconut butter or this plant butter instead. Of course, good old olive oil can be used as well.

16. Crispy Hash Brown Haystacks (DF/GF/VGN)- These wonderful hash browns are sure to get even the most picky eaters excited about breakfast time. These hash browns boast seven nutritious ingredients, are easy to make, and are ready in less than an hour.

17. Green Bean Tater Tot Casserole (DF) – Provides a tasty meal for either breakfast or dinner. You can choose to add any meat you like.

18. Sweet Potato Kale Latkes (DF/GF/VGN) – These delicious latkes are like a potato pancake, but with added veggies for an extra nutritional benefit.

19. Rosti with Bacon and Scallions – This easy skillet dish is a great way to enjoy your hash browns. In this recipe, you will need a butter substitution. You can use this vegan butter.

Pro tip: Pair one of the dairy free breakfast casserole recipes from above with hash browns below.

Final Thoughts

The next time you are planning your breakfast for the week, consider some of these delicious dairy-free breakfast casseroles with hash browns. With these recipes, you will have both a hearty and a healthy meal for the whole family. As a bonus, you’ll save time too.

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