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What can you eat if you are lactose Intolerant?

While many people see lactose intolerance as being a limiting condition when it comes to the foods you can eat, in most cases this isn’t really true. While a small percentage of lactose intolerant people cannot handle any dairy products whatsoever, a far greater percentage are able to digest small amounts of dairy with no problem, and even larger amounts of certain dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. While this is different on a case-by-case basis, studies suggest that the majority of people who are lactose intolerant can consume yogurt and aged cheeses because the bacteria contained within them help to break down the sugars so that your small intestine doesn’t have to do so much of the work.

If you are among the portion of the population who cannot minimize your discomfort through these steps, there is still hope. At this point in time there are many alternatives to the most common dairy foods, such as alternative milks and artificial cheeses. Some of the most popular brands include Silk (which specializes in soy-based products, but also has other varieties), Rice Dream (which, as the name suggests, specializes in rice-based products), and even goat milk and cheese.

If you should decide that you don’t want to change your diet or limit your intake of dairy products, rest assured – there is a solution for you as well! Lactaid is a supplement that can be taken orally before consuming dairy products to help break down the sugars that cause the discomfort. They also have their own line of milk and cheese that is treated with this enzyme to achieve the same end result – less lactose left undigested.