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The Best Yogurt for Lactose Intolerance at Walmart

A little bit of yogurt can go along way—for your health and your taste buds. Yogurt contains live probiotics which assists the body with digestion. For those who experience mild lactose intolerance, this makes yogurt a safer dairy option.

The process of fermenting milk is as old as time. Yogurt dates back to 600 B.C. It is believed to have been accidentally discovered and then utilized to prolong the shelf life of livestock’s milk.

It’s important to understand that lactose intolerance isn’t an allergy. Lactose intolerance is when the body is unable to break down the sugars found in milk. Those sugars are called lactose. Many people with lactose intolerance are still able to consume dairy. How much dairy they can consume depends on how intolerant they are.

A better yogurt option for those with higher sensitivity to lactose is Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is traditionally known as Yiaourti. Yiaorti, or Greek yogurt, was eaten like a fine cheese with bread, herbs, vegetables, and olives. Today, Greek yogurt is used in smoothies, pies, frostings, and eaten right off the spoon.

You might be wondering, “how do they take lactose out of milk?” We’re glad you asked!

Greek yogurt is made by filtering out the whey. The more whey filtered out of the yogurt, the thicker and creamier the texture becomes. Simultaneously, most of the yogurts’ lactose is located in the whey. The process of filtering out the whey actually filters out the majority of the lactose too!  This makes Greek yogurt an even better yogurt choice for people with lactose-intolerance.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, you’re wrong! Lactose-free treats have come a long way over the years. Some companies have gone as far as to create Greek yogurt with lactose-intolerant folks in mind. We compiled a list of our favorite lactose-free Greek yogurts.

This list will help narrow down for you which Greek yogurt is the best yogurt for lactose intolerance.

FAGE – Very low lactose yogurt

Probably the most iconic Greek yogurt around is FAGE. Fage means “to eat” in Greek. The yogurt brand has been around since 1926 and originates in Athens, Greece! Now, the global brand has three varieties of its BestSelf Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt—plain, vanilla, peach, and blueberry.

When it comes to making good Greek yogurt, it’s probably best to trust the Greeks! The lactose-free yogurt has 100% natural ingredients and a perfect creamy texture and its available at Walmart. This brand is great for homemade tzatziki sauces!

Green Valley
Green Valley has five different options when it comes to lactose-free Greek yogurt. The Greek yogurt comes in low fat, whole milk, blueberry, vanilla and strawberry. This brand prides itself on being 100% lactose-free. That’s correct! Each dairy product from this brand is lactose-free, from the cottage cheese to the butter.

The lactose-free Greek yogurt takes the cake when it comes to lactose-intolerance desserts. Speaking of cake, try making a pound cake with greek yogurt supposed to sour cream. It’s a great substitute and much more nutritional.

Two Good

This yogurt has 80% less fat than other Greek yogurts with all the flavor. Two Good Greek Lowfat Yogurt has only two grams of sugar and 80 calories. Two grams of sugar in Two Good Yogurt—see what it did there? Not only is this great marketing, but this company also has a wider selection of greek yogurt flavors than most.

Unusual flavors include Good Save Meyer Lemon, mixed berry, coconut, raspberry, peach, black cherry, and mango hibiscus. The varying flavors of Two Good Greek Lowfat Yogurt might even be the solution for parents with a picky lactose intolerant child. The greek yogurt also comes in plain, vanilla, blueberry and strawberry.

Kite Hill – No Lactose yogurt

Kite Hill is very different from the greek yogurts listed above, yet probably the best for lactose intolerance! This yogurt is almondmilk based, which means it’s lactose-free from start to finish. Heck, it’s more than lactose-free! Kite Hill Almondmilk Greek Style Yogurt is dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free too! It’s also kosher and has 11 grams of protein per serving.

Kite Hill Almondmilk Greek Style Yogurt comes in vanilla and plain. Both yogurts are unsweetened. Don’t hold back, just mix in some granola, berries and guilt-free indulgence.

Daiya – Dairy Free

Not a fan of almonds? That’s okay! Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative is made from the brand’s signature blend of coconut and pea protein. The company began in 2008 and has been becoming a more common dairy-free household name. The Diaya Greek Yogurt Alternative is the perfect dairy-free snack with its three flavors—strawberry, black cherry and blueberry.

Liberté – Lactose Free

Liberté made the first lactose-free Greek yogurt in Canada. The company prides itself on having no preservatives, no additives, no artificial coloring, or gelatine in its yogurt. The thick and creamy texture of Liberté Greek is incomparable to other brands. Liberté Greek comes in plain and vanilla. From the sounds of Liberte’s website, the brand seems to look forward to more lactose-free products as it refers to the vanilla as it’s “first lactose-free flavor.”

There is no best yogurt for lactose intolerance, only what is best for you. Try making some lactose intolerance desserts, homemade tzatziki, or dig right in. We’re not here to tell you how to enjoy your greek yogurt—as long as you enjoy it!