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Reviewed: Walmart’s Equate Fast Acting Dietary Supplement

If you are lactose intolerant, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will need some type of lactase supplement, at least occasionally. Walmart’s Equate Fast Acting Dietary Supplement is one of those products. This supplement is designed to act quickly to release some lactase in the body of those who produce insufficient amounts for their consumption requirements. The pills cost around $7 for 60 pills. Which is not so bad if these are used in moderation.

Reminder: Remember to take them before you eat, as they will not work as well if taken after the fact.

Pros: The work fast and can be used to prevent problems before they arise. They’re a supplement, rather than a medicine, which means that you can take them with every meal and snack without the risk of “overdose”.

Cons: They can be pretty expensive if you eat a lot of diary products. While they are only 12 cent a pill, pigging out on a pizza will cost you to use most of your bottle. I’m super lactose intolerant so I need about 8-10 for a pizza slice. 🙁

Overall: While it is far more reliable (and cheaper!) to lower your lactose consumption, most people report significant (if not complete) relief of their lactose intolerance symptoms just by taking one to two pills before consuming products that usually make their symptoms arise.

Yet Another Remainder: As with all lactase supplements effectiveness varies from person from person because each persons lactase tolerance level is different. Some can take one pill for a slice of cheese others may need 3 pills for it to work. 😉