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What Can I Eat Basics & Intro

There are several things you can still eat. Many people can to digest small amounts of dairy with no problem. If that’s not you you’ll want to stay away from dairy products. The good news there are great alternatives out there. Here are the basics.


  • Fairlife Milk can directly replace milk
  • Lactacid Milk can directly replace milk. It works for many people, but I don’t use it because my LI is awful.
  • Soy Milk can replace milk sometimes. The flavor will be different and will have a thinner texture.

Coffee Creamer

  • Almond Milk Creamer


  • Regular Butter, but NOT margarine. 100% regular Butter’s lactose content is very low. Margarine’s lactose content can be too high.
  • Earth Balance Buttery Spread
  • Ghee


  • Swiss Cheese – After years of avoiding cheese I’m finally comfortable ordering Swiss cheese at a restaurant. 
  • Provolone Cheese – Another cheese I’m comfortable ordering at a restaurant. For me this has been the safest cheese to order.
  • Aged Cheddar Cheese – I buy this all the time at home yet never order it while I’m out.

These are only some of the basics. There are many alternatives, tips and tricks throughout the app. Have a look around. 🙂