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Lactose Intolerance Treatment

In terms of “treatment” for lactose intolerant people there is no known medical procedure or medication available, and no known cure. What you can do however is take control of your diet, learn which foods cause your digestive issues, and avoid eating them. This may mean giving up some of the things you really love to eat, but it may very well be worth the sacrifice if you feel better.

There are so many foods that contain lactose that it is very hard to keep track of all of them, or which ones may be causing your issues. You really need to keep a record of what you eat and how your body reacts afterwards. For example if eating ice cream causes you to run to the bathroom with diarrhea, this is something you will have to avoid. The same applies to milk, yogurt and other dairy products which may produce the same reaction. Keep a list of things you have eaten and what happens to you a few hours later. Sometimes it may only take a few minutes for you to have a reaction.

So while certain dietary changes are necessary for lactose intolerant people there are still certain things you can enjoy without fear of dramatic symptoms. Lactose-free milk is available with no discernible difference in taste. You can also enjoy soy milk or rice milk. Many cheeses have a very low lactose content. Swiss, cheddar, and provolone would be the ones to try. Yogurt once was considered to be one of the things you should not eat, but many people prefer to take the time to make it right at home now. The process is not complicated and it will be completely safe for you to eat without side effects. The same applies to ice cream-simply make your own using lactose free milk. Become a label reader when you shop because many products contain lactose that you wouldn’t think about beforehand. Educate yourself about lactose intolerance, or speak with a dietitian for helpful information.