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How to Live with Lactose Intolerance Symptoms

Nothing is as embarrassing or humiliating as having to jump up from the table and make a mad dash to the bathroom, especially if you are dining out with family or friends. It certainly makes things awkward for you. Even if you have been monitoring your diet to avoid lactose laden foods, there will always be that time or two when you haven’t been as diligent as you should have been. Maybe you forgot that those mashed potatoes were made with milk, and milk contains lactose, which in turn wreaks havoc with your digestive system. Thus, the beeline to the restroom.

If you are going to eat foods that you know are going to cause problems, make sure you always do it at home with someone who is familiar with your lactose intolerant issues. But why put yourself through all that to begin with? If you love those potatoes, eat baked! If ice cream is your downfall, make your own, or eat sherbet. Substituting one bad thing for one good will become habit over time, and you will suffer a lot less. Lactose intolerance is difficult to live with, but not impossible if you are willing to change the way you eat.

Learn to check all the labels of things you buy in the grocery store because lactose may be hiding in the ingredients. Whether or not it’s an amount that will cause you problems remains to be seen, and you won’t know that unless you eat it and experience symptoms. If you do, just cross that item off your list and move on. There is usually a substitute for everything if you look hard enough. Many companies are now making lactose-free milk, or you may grow to love soy or almond milk. Even rice milk is a very good substitute and will not cause you any grief. Don’t be afraid to change your diet and enjoy a healthier, symptom free lifestyle.