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Chinese Food is Awesome!

Since people of Asian descent have high instances of lactose intolerance, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of Asian and Asian-inspired cuisine is lactose free or low in lactose. This makes it a great choice for those who are seeking satisfying low-lactose choices for their diet, as it proves that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor and variety in order to make peace with your lactose intolerance.

Chinese food in particular is great, with most of the popular dishes having no milk whatsoever. Although the Chinese food that is readily available in America is not congruent with the Chinese food you would get from, say, China, there are still many choices available that do not contain lactose.

So, why are Chinese meals so good for lactose intolerance, and while we’re at it, why are people of Asian descent at a higher risk of being lactose intolerant? Well, traditionally, cows were not milked in Asian cultures, and in fact the idea of milking cows was primarily European – the rest of the world utilized other sources of protein and never had to venture to using cows for anything, really. Even in the United States, using cows for milk and meat is a relatively new process, dating back about 500 years – starting about the time that Europeans began settling in the Americas. This explains the fact that people originating from European countries have lower probability of having issues with lactose intolerance.

Beyond that, most Chinese food is low in fat without giving up flavor – something a lot of Western cuisine has a hard time with. Chinese food is proof that you can have low fat, low lactose, and a huge selection of flavor choices. Maybe the more difficult question would be, why isn’t Chinese food awesome?