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What can you eat if you are lactose Intolerant?

While many people see lactose intolerance as being a limiting condition when it comes to the foods you can eat, in most cases this isn’t really true. While a small percentage of lactose intolerant people cannot handle any dairy products whatsoever, a far greater percentage are able to digest small amounts of dairy with no problem, and even larger amounts of certain dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Read More »What can you eat if you are lactose Intolerant?

Top 7 Milk Alternatives

For those struggling with lactose intolerance, it may be nice to know that there currently exist a multitude of alternatives to traditional dairy milk. While these products each have their own pros and cons associated with them, many lactose intolerant individuals find that their easiest treatment option is to simply substitute their milk consumption with one of these alternatives.Read More »Top 7 Milk Alternatives